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Why You Might Want to Think Carefully Before Outsourcing Your SEO

The SEO industry is one of the most expansive in the world, with tens of thousands of new websites being indexed by search engines like Google. In order to keep on top of the way in which their results are displayed, search engines are consistently striving to update their policies to ensure that they are as organic as possible. This is something that modern experts understand well, but it’s a factor that many international ‘professionals’ often overlook.

Why you should be careful when outsourcing your SEO overseas

Most businesses will opt for local SEO specialists when attempting to tackle their particular market; and for good reason. These services are often better suited to localised industries, so it’s not uncommon for them to possess a better understanding of specific markets and industries. And this is one of the main appeals of keeping things close to home.

But if you peel that back to the wider world, is it possible to receive a similar level of service for the same type of price? Well, depending on where you go you might actually find cheaper – particularly in parts of the world like India, where SEO services are a dime a dozen. Now, that might sound appealing and could be ideal for new companies hoping to save themselves cash, but is it really as beneficial as it seems on paper?

Things to consider

Although cheaper services can be appealing, when it comes to SEO there’s usually a reason for the reduction in cost. Search engine optimisation isn’t a cheap service by nature and when done properly, it can yield a substantial amount of profit for an online business – but properly is the key word in that phrase.

In order to keep their costs low, many foreign and overseas SEO outsourcing agencies often implement what the industry calls ‘black hat tricks’. These techniques are considered unorthodox and often rely on spamming links, over-using keywords and other similar methods. The issue is that many of these techniques work for a short while – and this is often all that it takes to lead a client into thinking that they are paying for reliable results.

Unfortunately, by the time the damage is done, these companies are often well away with the cash – and as they are located abroad and often operate under their own legislation, it isn’t always easy to recoup losses. Furthermore, once Google’s algorithms catch up, it’s not unheard of for them to completely delist an offending website that they find to be using black hat tricks.

As a result, any agency hoping to keep their costs low and minimise their efforts may end up finding that overseas companies could actually do more harm to their clients (and any that they are responsible for managing). This is why it can be preferred to pay a little extra for a local service that can be trusted, as opposed to one that may end up being a hit and a miss. The alternative is white label SEO from an Australian provider like Sydney Serach Results – contact us to find out more.