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Here are some of the media mentions you will find about our work. We have been considered SEO experts in our since 2003, and this is why the media come to us when they need to find out what SEO is all about.

Interviewed by Sky News Business Channel Regarding SEO And Online Reputations

+David Cannell

Several Interviews With ABC Radio

abc radio

Listen here to the ABC Radio National Interview with David Cannell on “Future Tense” about Online Reputation Management issues

Listen here to the ABC Interview with David Cannell and Fiona Wiley about Online Reputation Management Sydney


Interviews On Commercial Radio

2UE Radio With Mike Jeffreys

Recently the founder of our company was invited to speak on a number of issues related to Online Reputation Management both on the radio and on television following a number of newspaper articles that were published discussing what we do here at Sydney Search Results. Following David’s interview with Ben Fordham at 2GB, David was invited to speak on both Sunrise Breakfast Television and The Today program on Channel 9. Fortunately, subsequent interviews on 2UE Mike Jeffreys and ABC Radio with Fiona Wiley are recorded and you can listen to both on this page…

Listen here to the 2ue Interview with David Cannell and Mike Jeffreys about Online Reputation Management Sydney

Our digital specialist David Cannell was interviewed by Mike Jeffreys about why reputation management matters for both individuals and companies.

2 GB Radio With Ben Fordham

Click here to listen to the 2GB Radio Interview with David Cannell and Ben Fordham on Online Reputation Management Sydney

David discusses with Ben Fordham why online reputation management is growing and how it works. Listen to them discuss how this could be hurting YOU.


David Cannell Has Also Been Interviewed in Various Print Media:

Read the story online: Australian Financial Review


Interviewed by the Australian Financial Review on what is happening online and how it can damage your reputation.

David Cannell Interviwed by The Business Review Weekly (BRW)

brw interview

Read the story online: BRW.com.au

David has been called “The Man To Make You Look Googd In Google” by News.com.au

Read the story online at News.com.au

news dot com

“Meet the man who promises to make you look good in Google” reads the headline!

The Herald Sun

herald sun

This was the first big news story that broke in Australia relating to Online Reputation Management. It involved big time sports stars and our reputation management specialist was called in as the “go to” expert to discuss how companies are cleaning up reputations online. This was really the first story of its sort in Australia on the subject and opened the floodgates on how big this issue is. Read the full story here.


More on why sports stars often pay to clean up there online reputations.