SEO Recovery For Websites That Have Lost Rankings, Traffic and Ultimately Business

Whether your website is in penalty, has on page issues, or is suffering from poor links, we can help

Restoring Your Rankings Isn’t As Hard As Some SEO Companies Would Have You You Think

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We can tell you instantly, by analysing your traffic stats if you have been hit by Penguin.

We can analyse your on page content to tell you whether you have OVER optimised your website and triggered the Panda Filter.

We can identify poor quality links and provide you with a full audit report analysing the almost 20 different kinds of  suspicious or toxic link types your website is suffering from.

Then we can help you fix it.

Penalty Recovery

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links disavow service

If your site is has lost rankings then it is time to perform a link audit. It doesn’t matter if you have some great organic links, you  won’t get better rankings until Google discounts the bad links you have to your site.

Often there are hundreds or even tens of thousands of links to a website that the owner may be unaware of. This may be due to poor quality SEO services, automated link building software, or in extreme cases, negative SEO done by competitors. That is the time you need a cleanup. Without an audit analysis of your links that Google tracks, your backlink profile is just a mystery.

That is why you need a professional audit and analysis, and then a strategy to clean up those links and restore your rankings.

Has Your Website Lost Its Rankings?

We Can Get Them Back.

Here’s How…

If you have seen any of the following then you may have been hit:

  1. You have seen a steady decline in rankings and traffic to your website.
  2. Your rankings do not respond to on page changes to your website.
  3. Your  rankings do not respond to link building by your current SEO
  4. You have received a “Manual Penalty” message from Google stating that you have “unnatural or artificial” links.
  5. Any combination of the above.

We can run thorough tests on your website and tell you EXACTLY what is happening and how this can be treated to get your business back.  

Here is an example of how we recovered one of our new clients’ website

Here is an example of a client that came to us after losing their rankings. They had previously ranked well for their target market, a very competitive adult niche.

Then their former SEO managed to sink their website with poor quality SEO.

They came to us and we analysed their issues by doing extensive research through Google’s Webmaster Tools, Link Detox Tools and Back Links Anchor Profiles and found what the issues were.

Then we implemented a recovery program and within ONE month they were not only ranking back on page one for their Golden High Paying Keywords but they were ranking even better than before the drop.

Multiple keywords ranking report run first week of April 2014


Don’t waste time fretting about what to do next. Don’t sit back as your business goes under. Call us now on (02) 9314 3224 and let us analyse your situation and put in plan a strategy for recovery.

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Penguin Updates

penguin algorithm updates

Penguin Algorithm Updates target websites that have poor quality or overoptimised links.

When Penguin hits your traffic graphs look like the hits to your website fell off a cliff.

Panda Algorithm Updates

Panda algo updates

Panda Algorithm Updates typically target on page issues. If you have been keyword stuffing your website in its URLs, SEO Titles, H1 headings and throughout the content – you may have triggered this filter.

Panda traffic drops can be dramatic – or they can look like a slow steady erosion of traffic and rankings, each time the algorithm refreshes.

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