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Here is an example of a Links Detox Report that I discuss in the video which shows how Google Webmaster Tools endorses our SEO work. does seo still work

Doing It Right…

You can clearly see int the Link Detox report that only 2% of the work done on this clients website meets Google’s healthy links standards – and this was the 2% created by us after the clients came to us in penalty due to the shocking work done by their previous SEO.

Here at Sydney Search Results we promote your website properly by ensuring that your website is fully optimised “on page” and has enough citation across the internet to show Google that you are not only relevant but that you also an expert in your field.

In other words we ensure that Google finds your website:

> relevant to the search term enquiry that a Google user is typing into their browser.

> and positions you at the top of the search results because you are an authority in your field.

We do this by auditing your website and making sure that the content has the right keyword triggers to show Google that you ARE relevent. We undertake any remedial work in the first month and monitor and adjust this as your campaign progresses.

But we also ensure that the coding of the website sends the right signals to Google through what are known as the meta codes. These have to be done correctly including:

on page seo

and all other import coding features that Google takes into account in the 200 signals they use in their algorithm to rank websites.

Also we ensure that your website has the right page navigation and hierachy within your website so that Google can see how themed your website is and how much of an authority it is in your particular niche.

Next, we create citation across the internet (as based on the academic model as used by Universities) so as to show Google that you are linked to as an authority website in your business niche. These are also known as “back links”.

Doing it wrong…

Over the last two years there has been much missinformation about all back links being bad due to Google Algorithm updates (Penguin 2013) knocking websites down the search results for having poor quality spam links just as I described in the video and report at the top of the page.

be aware of bad seoPoor quality back links, from poor quality websites are bad and can get you penalised by Google.

The wrong kind of links are seen as spam when they are done incorrectly and are overoptimised from poor quality websites. This is the reason many clients of SEO companies who were producing poor quality work got hit in the search results in 2013. But not our clients.

Can you get ranked without using an SEO company building links?

Well no, here is a video below with Matt Cutts, the head of “Search” at Google discussing how important back links are to getting your website ranking in Google.

We ensure that your website gets very high quality backlinks from high authority websites telling Google that you are an authority in your field.

This must be done properly and you CANNOT risk out sourcing this overseas or you may risk having your website penalised by Google. See my video at the top of the page to understand why GOOGLE ENDORSES OUR WORK THROUGH WEBMASTER TOOLS..

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