SEO For Small Businesses

Who We Are

Sydney Search Results is a locally based SEO company that has been getting great page one Google results for our clients since 2004.

What We Do

We do SEO, only SEO and we are experts in SEO. No web design, no Facebook ads, no Instagram. This means we can focus entirely on SEO, and rather than being a “Jack of all Trades” like so many other digital marketing agencies out there, we are able to focus on providing highly effective SEO campaigns to our clients.

SEO is complicated, and needs expert attention, so use an agency that focuses on SEO, and not an agency that does a bit of everything, when you actually want quality SEO.

Why Other SEO Agencies Come To Us

Yes, other SEO agencies actually come to us to do their client work for them. But why? Because we only do SEO, and have been doing it for over 15 years, we are good at it, so good in fact that other SEO companies and digital marketing agencies bring their client projects to us to get results and then mark up the price to their clients.

Cut Out The Middle Man

If you would like to get SEO results, directly from an experienced, expert SEO company, without the frills and mark up in prices – then cut out the middle men and come directly to us.

We do SEO. We understand SEO. We get results.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

These are real client results: Traffic Up 439%, Keywords Ranking Up 300%, Value Of Traffic (as measured against cost to buy the traffic with paid ads) Up 516%

Real Client Results Showing Massive Increase in Traffic

The table below shows some of the higher search volume keywords, which are the main keywords in his market and their ranking improvements since the 1 Dec 2018. See the column MS for Monthly Searches (in Australia)

Column G = current ranking, Start = 1 Dec

Top Keywords Listed in Order of Monthly Searches

Do you want to see the full keyword list and the actual client website?

What Should You Do Next?

If you are serious about SEO and want to discuss how you can get results like these I can supply the full details of this project over the phone, but for the sake of client privacy I will not publish here. Let’s talk.

Call me, the business owner, David Cannell, on (02) 8005 0339 during business hours or fill out the contact form in the sidebar – or below if viewing on your mobile.

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