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A Look At Trusted SEO Tips For Beginners – Guest Writer Contribution

Good Content Writing Writing For Content Marketing

seo content marketingWebsite owners who are looking to turn more profits as they move through the business year will have a few things to take into consideration when developing their content marketing strategies. With the right SEO techniques, however, they can meet their goals and impress Google in the process, leading to more relevance and authority as Google factors in the website changes to their algorithm. Search engine optimization is a key part of the process, and SEO professionals will be capable of providing advice every step of the way.

The basic techniques can be difficult to master however. In fact, professional SEOs will do a lot of research before using key terms in a website’s content hoping to improve a company’s visibility in Google’s rankings by doing in depth research and analysis of the competition. When businesses move up the Google rankings, they can expect to receive more hits on a daily basis which will lead to better conversions and sales. But to stay ahead of the competition this must be done well.

Articles can be placed in strategic locations around the site so as to improve what is known as “on page optimisation”. As long as the copy writers have used the keywords in the right percentages and placed them naturally within the body of the text, then it will be quite beneficial both to the reader and to Google. The keywords themselves should be scattered throughout the posts so that they are not too close together and to avoid “keyword stuffing”. Certain percentages are considered optimum, but professionals can advise on the exact numbers, but realistically, post 2014, they should be kept to less than 3% for one word keyword phrases, and even less for multiple word keyword phrases.

Writing the posts free of grammatical and spelling errors will of course be critical. In fact, any errors that are caught by proofreaders or editors should be corrected right way, as incorrect syntax and grammar can lead to a “spam” penalty – get quality writers so as to avoid this. This is the best way to appear more professional and to avoid algorithmic slaps or manual penalties.

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